EMS Foot Massager Pad

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Relax with this Foot Massager Pad

 Smart EMS bioelectricity directly stimulates acupuncture and moxibustion, which can directly stimulate acupuncture points, which can quickly relieve soreness, relieve physical and mental fatigue, and improve sleep. It is especially suitable for travelers, middle-aged and elderly people, office crowds, women who often wear high heels, etc. to relax their feet and relieve fatigue during a busy day. This is also a decent gift for friends.

 Silent operation, straightforward to wash - It's made from high-quality materials and might be wiped dry with a wet towel once use. Quiet and no noise, it is used whereas looking TV, reading, operating within the workplace or restfulappropriate for all foot varieties and totally different foot sizes. folding design: not like ancient significant foot massagers, this product is simply a soft and comfy footpad. it's lightweightfolding, and simple to hold around. despite wherever you go, you'll relax a touch bit.

9 types of intensity and 6 types of massage modes - The intensity and mode of the massager can be adjusted according to your needs and the adaptability of your body.

  1. Try to start from the low gear as much as possible, and increase the intensity after adapting.
  2. The massage strength of this massager is generally mild, so don't pursue a strong stimulus. This soothing current is enough to relieve your fatigue.

Easy To Clean - Leg Massager for Circulation Is Made of Soft Yoga Mat Material, Leather Surface, Can Be Dried with A Wet Towel After Use. Quiet and No Noise.

 Rechargeable Battery with USB Cable - USB charging and battery styles (Including built-in rechargeable battery), you can connect the USB cable to the laptop/desktop/power bank and phone charger USB port for charging.

EMS Foot Massager Pad

EMS Foot Massager Pad