EMS Abs Muscle Stimulator

Everyone wishes to have a toned and fit body; however, only a few can accomplish their goals. If you are one of them, this EMS Abs Muscle Stimulator is the perfect option.
This machine uses the EMS technology of acupuncture and helps to give you toned abs without going to the gym. It also helps to strengthen your muscles. You can use this on your waist, abdomen region, and your arms.
It has six different modes and an intensity of 10 levels, giving you the flexibility to adjust your desired requirements. It has a low, moderate, or advanced mode that will help you burn that stubborn fat, enhance the growth of your muscles and strengthen them.
You can see the visible results in 3 months after continuous use for 20 to 30 minutes daily. It is very convenient to charge the machine with a 3-in-1 USB cable. Upon fully charged, you can use it for approx. three times.