7 Head Electric Shaver Razor For Men's BLXCK NORWAY™

7 Head Electric Shaver Razor For Men's. Check to Know More

Multifunctional Shaving Kit - 7-in-1 electric shaver with multiple grooming heads for a variety of uses: Sideburn trimmer, nose/ear hair trimmer, body trimmer, facial cleaning brush, soft face sponge, 7D rotary shaver You can effortlessly perform beard shaving, haircuts, ear and nose hair trimming, and face cleaning with a range of accessories that can be switched at will. All of your hair shaving needs will be met with only one product.

Better Blade System - The Titanium-blade system on the electric razor has been updated. Even the thickest beard can be neatly trimmed with the main head, a 7D rotary shaver head with dual circular 360° blades. Other blades use the same Titanium-blade technique to easily trim hair, nose/ear/body hair, and other body hair. Better blades will provide you with a better shaving experience than ever before, with no more hair-pulling problems.

Wet and Dry Shaving - The electric shaver's entire body is IPX6 waterproof, and the improved blade technology allows for ideal wet or dry shaving. If you're in a hurry in the morning, you may dry shave right away, which is both clean and efficient. You can use it with shaving foam before going to bed at night to have a more fresh and relaxing wet shave. With its multi-functions, this electric shaver will be your finest shaving companion.

USB Quick Charging - Approximately 1.5 hours The electric head shaver will give constant shaving for over 90 minutes after a simple USB charge, and it works wonderfully in both plug and cordless mode. A clear digital display will alert you when it's time to recharge, allowing you to prevent the tugging beard created by razors that have run out of power. It's ideal for businesspeople, travellers, and home use.

Package Includes - 1x User Manual; 1x USB Line; 1x Machine; 1x Protective Cover; 1x Packing box; 1x Nose trimmer; 1x Hair trimmer; 1x Face brush; 1x Silicone head; 3x Guide Combs (3mm/5mm/7mm; 1x Cleaning brush