Smart interactive ball toy for cat blxck norway™

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Smart Interactive Ball Toy For Cat. Check The Details To Know More

Cats' Smart Ball Toys - When the cat's paw softly touches the toy, the built-in sensitivity trigger makes a mimicked animal sound. It's simple to get your cat's attention. Lightweight and portable, it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. to have a lot of fun with your cats when they're playing.

Animal Sounds Simulations - The cat interactive toys have a battery built-in, and they can make three lifelike animal sounds such as a frog, cricket, and birds chirping sound when your cat's touch, scratch, or hit the balls.

The natural animal sounds will make your cats very happy and excited when playing with them, almost as if they've made new friends around them. Each ball inside the battery can be used 10000 times sounds over the course of its lifetime.

Refillable Catnip Toys - The lid of the chirping ball can be easily removed, and then you can add some catnip to it, causing your cats to pay more attention to the balls; and the ball with catnip will provide your cats with a lot of enjoyable playing experience a fun toy set to keep your kitties entertained.

Safety Cat Traning Toys - These cat hunting toys are manufactured of high-quality, long-lasting EVA that is comfortable and safe for cats to play with. EVA ball is vividly colored to attract your cat's attention, and it is durable and not easily destroyed by your cat.

Reduce Cat's Loneliness - When you have to work or go out for activities, the cat will be lonely. This kitty toy will quickly become your cat's favorite friend, reducing loneliness and separation anxiety. Your cat will fall in love with these small toys while maintaining its mental wellness.

Smart interactive ball toy for cat blxck norway™

Smart interactive ball toy for cat blxck norway™