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Orgone Healing Crystal Pyramid Energy. Check The Details To Know More

Orgone Pyramid - Handmade The exterior of this hand-crafted stone pyramid is a resin replica constructed of resin and copper powder. It's a fantastic Ogonite energy producer. Because stone and resin are both natural materials, each handmade piece will have minor variations.

Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator - The pyramid can gather and cleanse energy from all throughout the universe before sending it out. Wrapping the olivine money tree in the pyramid can help you attract more positive energy and prosperity. Olivine is the stone of wealth. Negative energy is converted into positive energy by the chipped crystal at the bottom of the pyramid, which is then released through the points at the top. This has a tremendous impact on chakra balancing, aura healing, and personal energy aura cleaning and enhancement!

Home & Office Decoration - Gem Pyramid is a fantastic décor choice for your office, home, dining table, workstation, and other Feng Shui locations. It can help you cope with the negative energy emitted by computers, televisions, and other household electronics. the human body It can offer a nice mood to the family when used as a feng shui decoration, and it can also deliver beautiful dreams when placed by the bedside.

Energy Stone Gift - The crystal money tree pyramid can offer good luck and fortune as an energy stone gift. Make it the ideal present for yourself, your closest friends, and your parents. On Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and other special events, share your love and blessings.