First aid bleed quick stop blood control stanch

Our first aid bleed quick stop blood control stanch is well-designed for one-handed operation, even if you are travelling outside and are abruptly injured without anybody accompanying you, you may treat yourself with it! Block the blood flow to the upper and lower limbs and impede the outflow of arterial blood fast and effectively.
It is 100% successful in preventing blood flow, swiftly regulating the bleeding that is threatening life, and it is capable of stopping haemorrhaging and saving lives in the critical moment, saving time and saving lives! Ideal for both indoor and outdoor exploring. Single-handed operation The overall length is 3 size 65/75/95 cm, which is long enough for most people's arms and legs.
The tourniquet with self-adhesive tape is safe to use, intended to operate in all weather situations, easy to clean, and reusable. The tourniquet has a wide range of applications, including military, medical care, and rescue, and it is tiny and portable.
Because they are smaller and lighter, they may easily be added to home emergency kits, automobiles, backpacks, motorbikes, range bags, construction belts, or carried on a person for quick use. The composite hasp's construction guarantees that the tourniquet may be used even on wet days.
It can be utilised in the military, to treat arterial bleeding, and so on. Because various situations necessitate different responses, we designed our tourniquets to be totally customizable to assist in every situation. During usage, the red oval marking on the tip gives extra visual clues.
  • ✔️Multi-Uses
  • ✔️Easy to Carry
  • ✔️Tiny and portable
  • ✔️Effectively and quickly
  • ✔️High-Quality Tourniquet
  • ✔️Totally customizable
  • ✔️As a Private Doctor for Outdoor or Emergency
  • ✔️Single-handed Operation Designed
  • ✔️3 Size: 95/75/65cm
  • ✔️Packing size: 16*5*4cm