Fish tackle fish lip stainless steel blxcknorway™

Fish Tackle Fish Lip Stainless Steel. Check The Details To Know More

Multifunction Fishing Pliers - You won't be wounded by a fish's sharp pointy teeth or hooks, and you won't have to touch the fish or remove its protective slime layer. Split Ring, a highly useful tool for fishermen, and fishing piler scissors, which can cut fishing lines and remove the hook.

Powerful Jaw Mouth - Barb-style jaw mouth, closes and grips fish tightly without letting go. Suit for all types of fishing, with excellent usage.

Easy to Control - The Eva handle provides a secure grip and is ideal for one-handed usage. As a result, you'll be more likely to control fish, and you'll avoid being wounded by fish fights.

Portable - The Fish Gripper Grip is portable, with a length of roughly 22cm and a net weight of 130g. When you go fishing on the outskirts, you may simply carry your bag.

Special - Receive a complimentary Great White Shark bottle opener, which will provide you with a unique experience while fishing and enjoying beers with a friend.