360 degree rotating car back seat headrest holder

If you are a frequent traveller, then you must agree that the long rides can lack fun and excitement. If you are wishing to make your journey enjoyable, then this 360 Degree Rotating Car Back Seat Headrest Holder is exactly what you need. It will provide you with a hand free experience to enjoy all your favourite movies, or songs without any difficulties.
It fits perfectly with all kinds of tablets, smartphones, etc which has a screen size from 5'' to 14''. This is generally the most common size of the majority of the devices. It comes with a spring-loaded method that holds your phone tightly without any risk of falling. The strong grip will ensure the safety of your smartphone and will also keep your phone stable and in one place without any kind of slipping.
This holder comprises convenient charging holes for USB cables while you are getting entertained. It is super easy to install within few seconds. It does not require any tool and will give a strong grip to your mobile; no matter how bumpy the road is or how speed you are driving. Its stabilizing arm will give great support to large screens such as tablets. Besides, it will give you a pleasant riding experience by preventing neck pains.
It offers 360-degree rotation and can be viewed vertically or horizontally according to your requirements. You can easily adjust the height of this Car Back Seat Headrest Holder for kids and adults. It is a very convenient and handy tool that will make your ride enjoyable. You can also pull your screen in the middle for everyone. Since this bracket comes with soft rubber padding, it will protect your phone from scratches and falling.