Foam buttock cushion sponge pillow seat pad blxck norway™

Foam Buttock Cushion Sponge Pillow Seat Pad. Check The Details To Know More

Durable & Comfortable - Built to sustain your body weight utilizing your thighs, these thighs are both durable and comfortable. The new enhanced foam will aid recuperation by making it as easy and comfortable as possible. NOTE: For best results, the maximum weight supported should be less than 170 pounds.

Premium Materials - Our pillow is made with high-quality materials including pink velboa fabric. It's made entirely of polyester. The new foam is more resilient, which will help sustain your body weight.

Comfortably Recover - Your BBL recovery pillow distributes pressure to your thighs, allowing you to sit down! Built to keep you comfy, the ultimate pillow for the perfect butt.