Pet wearable auto dryer blacknorway™

Are you looking for a way to quickly dry your pet after a bath? If yes, then this pet wearable auto dryer is an excellent option for you. It makes the drying process super fast and convenient.
This automatic dryer helps to dry your furry companion quickly without making much noise. It saves a lot of time with its ergonomic and practical design.
You can easily blow your pet‘s hair after a rainy day, jump in the swimming pool, bath, etc. It is also a great way for your dog to get rid of the fear of a blow dryer.
This professional dryer uses warm air that circulates around their fur to dry it quickly in a few minutes. This pet drying bag also prevents cold and shivering in your dogs during the winter season.

It is made from superior quality Nylon and is so has a silver-plated film inside. It is very sturdy and highly durable for long term use. It has fast heat dissipation and is completely waterproof.
Now you did not need to clean your floor after a blow-drying session with your pet as it will prevent all the flying hair.