Full spectrum LED plant growth lamp blxck norway™

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Full Spectrum LED Plant Growth Lamp. Check The Details To Know More


6000K White Light - With ten red LEDs and seventy-four white LEDs, this tiny growth light mimics full-spectrum sunlight at midday and is specially designed for indoor garden plants. Furthermore, it has a high color rendering index of 95, and the light is gentle and flicker-free, making it ideal for use as a reading lamp.

Timer Function & Multiple Settings - The indoor seedling light has a circular memory timer with three settings: 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours. When it comes to power, it can automatically switch on and off every day based on your preferences, so you won't have to do anything manually. You may also operate one of them independently, with 5 levels of dimming.

Easy to Install - The LED plant lighting fixture's flexible Gooseneck and robust clamp allow you to position it in any direction to provide the ideal lighting angle for your plants, as well as meet the cover around the plant. USB or AC Power Plug are used to power the device.

High-Efficiency LED Lamp - The micro succulent lights only use roughly 10 watts of LED power, which is equivalent to a 50-watt halogen bulb. If you're cultivating some small plants on your desk, it's a terrific gift.

Multiple Use - Artificial light is useful for germination/seedlings/seed beginning, houseplants, potted plants, succulents, and cactus, especially when the plant requires extra light due to rain, snow, or a dark indoor environment.

Full spectrum LED plant growth lamp blxck norway™

Full spectrum LED plant growth lamp blxck norway™