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Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad Gamer. Check The Details To Know More

Durable Manufacturing Design - Long-term usage without deformation or degumming is ensured by the sturdy stitched edges and the high-density premium texture, which was treated in a 230°F high temperature and high-pressure chamber.

Ultra-smooth Cover - Aiming mouse pad's cover is made of high-quality cotton for a smooth gliding experience. It was designed to allow for quick movement while maintaining high levels of accuracy and control. It may be used with both mechanical and optical mouse.

Waterproof Coating - Effectively protects against damage caused by spilt drinks or other mishaps. When liquid splashes on the coated surface, it condenses into water drops that fall to the ground. All you have to do now is wipe it down with a damp towel.

Non-slip Rubber Foundation - The non-skid nature rubber base is soft and solid, keeping the pad firmly in place. It ensures that the mouse is always in a steady position. Simply focus on your work or gaming without being distracted by the unpleasant mouse pad movement.