Portable Mini Electric Air Pump Air Mattress BLXCK NORWAY™

Having an air pump while you are traveling or camping can be very efficient. If you are in search of an excellent air pump for your travel purposes, then this Portable Mini Electric Air Pump Air Mattress is a perfect choice for you. Not only it will make your work a lot easier, but also a lot quicker.  This is one of the most compact air pumps and is very convenient to use. It is a 3 in 1 pump that consists of an air pump, vacuum pump, and a lantern.
It is very small in size and thus, you can easily carry it with you. It takes minimum space in your bag and has a weight of 5.29oz which is much lighter as compared to an iPhone 7 plus. It has a dimension of 2 x 2.28 x 3.14 inches and is smaller than a size of a can of Coke. It is completely water-resistant and gives a bright light and has 3 different levels of light.
It comes with a built-in 3600mAH  Lithium Battery and it can be easily rechargeable using a USB port with the help of a power bank, laptop, or a USB socket. It can be charged very quickly and does not take a lot of time due to its high efficiency. Once fully charged, it can work continuously for around 40 minutes. It also has a deflate function that can conveniently deflate to save your time.
It consists of three different nozzles to fit most kinds of mattresses, toys, or yoga balls and has the ability to inflate an air Sleeping pad, air bed, air mattress and air toys, lifebuoy, and vacuum storage bags, etc. It has a 180L/min flow rate and 3.5kpa high pressure which is more than enough to inflate an air mattress in around 30 seconds. This should be a must-have if you go on frequent traveling or camping.