Children's simulation dressing makeup table Fashion Toys BLXCK NORWAY™

Children's simulation dressing makeup table Fashion Toys. Check The Details to Know More

The Most Unique & Adorable Makeup Set - Is your little girl dreaming of becoming a princess? If you answered yes, our Kids Cosmetics Set will make any young fashionista very pleased, as it includes everything a girl will need for her first makeup set. It comes with a crown, so your young princess will adore it, and it will fulfill her princess fantasies.

Safe & Washable - Always put safety first! The major ingredient in this young girl's makeup kit is exclusively safe, non-toxic, and water-based materials that wash off quickly, have no preservatives and are kind on the skin, so there is no risk of an adverse reaction. If your little princess spills something on her clothes or on the furniture, it'll be easy to wipe up with soap and water. Your little princess is completely safe.

Fun Play & Learn Activity - Everyone, including youngsters, has a natural affinity for beauty. These toddler girl's cosmetics kits come in a variety of vivid and vibrant colors and textures that will keep your princess entertained for hours. It not only satisfies children's curiosity and beauty, but it also cultivates and improves their creativity, imagination, and learning ability while having fun.

Perfect Gift For Girls - This toddler and preschooler makeup set is great as a present for a girl aged 4 - 9. This complete kid's makeup set will delight your little princess. It will be the center of attention for all small girls on any occasion, including birthdays, pretend play, princess parties, and Christmas. Also included is a charming portable cosmetic case for simple storing of their own cosmetics while on the go.