Cable LED neon clothing light decoration blxcknorway™

Cable LED Neon Clothing Light Decoration. Check The Details To Know More


Features - EL wire produced from high-quality materials using cutting-edge technologies. It has the ability to provide 360-degree illumination along its full length. You can mend it with tape, needles, and adhesive.

4 Operation Modes - The neon lights have four modes of operation: steady-on, gradual flash, fast flash, and OFF. The on/off/multi-function button is located on the box's top left corner (1 click = on, 2 clicks = slow flash, 3 clicks = quick flash, and 4 click = off), and 2 AA batteries are installed by sliding the top cover off to reveal the battery compartment.

Safe Low Voltage - Because the neon light is low voltage, you may put it practically anywhere and not worry about it overheating. It also means that it is more energy-efficient, as it does not emit heat or pollute the environment.

Note - 1) The neon light's driver will make a small noise, but it is safe, since it is the typical driving sound, and it will not interfere with use. 2) The el wire light is waterproof (but the battery compartment is not), and it can be folded and sliced into any shape.

Wide Range of Applications - Neon lights can be bent into any shape, including animal shapes, and sliced to any length. It can be used to embellish your cosplay costume. Neon lights are ideal for use in automobiles, nightclubs, gatherings, camping, and bar decorations, among other things.

Perfect for hanging on a tree, especially a Christmas tree, garments, and other DIY decorations. Decorations for restaurants, gold bars, and homes, among other things.

Neon is a commonly used wire. Graduation raves, festival celebrations, Burning man lights accessories, Halloween, Christmas Decoration, parties, camping, bar decoration, Costume Cosplay, Fashion show, Decorative advertisements, flash toy, clothing arts, crafts product, furniture, fence, window, doorplate, roof, tree, and so on are all examples of uses for glowing el wire.

Package Includes -
✅ 1 x EL Wire
✅ 1* Controller (batteries not included)