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This 304 stainless steel putter features a stylish black PVD plated finish and an innovative Rife milled face system (Roll Groove Technology) that provides the best in truer roll and putting consistency.

With highly calibrated weight and balance, a mid-size putter grip, and offset shaft position to accommodate Straight putting strokes, the Raider putter delivers confidence at address and results on any green.

The high MOI of this Men's Golf Putter helps golfers improve their speed control and get the ball closer to the hole regardless of strike quality.

Alignment (Advanced) Top Lines make alignment more precise and simple. A low center of gravity allows for a more fluid stroke and excellent feel off the club head. CNC Milled Face of 431 Stainless Steel Provides Better Stability and Balance. The Benefits of a High-Performance Rubber Grip Holds well in the hand, is anti-slip, and absorbs shock.