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Your Choice Of Hand - Choose a hand that complements the other clubs in your collection. Choose right hand if you play right-handed irons, for example. ESCAPE BUNKERS IN ONE CLICK; The lob wedge is particularly wide. This sand wedge is a high loft golf club for men and women that gets the ball up effortlessly to clear the lip and stop it swiftly on the green; Its auto-glide sole cuts through the sand without skipping or digging;

No-Friction Glide - Men's and women's golf wedges include an additional curve and beveled leading edge that reduces contact with the ground for consistently clean contact. Hosel and heel have been designed to prevent catching and snagging in tough terrain and to reduce material gathering in the pocket;

No specific swing technique is necessary to blast the ball high at 65 degrees of the loft; Remove it from tight lies with a clean clip; With easy, hit a stunning, soaring flop.

Less Complicated Swing - The golf wedge has been designed specifically for you. Our sand wedge's shape allows you to set up and shoot directly at your target; There is no need to open your stance or the blade to hit high and softly;

Simply set up a square and swing from a variety of lies to get the golf club near to the pin. When standing over the ball, ease of swing generates greater confidence. More tap-in putts for birdie and par are on the way.

The sand wedge was independently tested and verified by MyGolfSpy, who chose it as a standout among specialty wedges, even beating out a traditional wedge for a percentage of shots left in the bunker and proximity to the hole.
It was featured in Golf Digest's article "5 Wedges to Help You Hit Better Sand Shots."