Golf head toilet brush blxck norway™

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Golf Head Toilet Brush. Check The Details To Know More

Golf Head Toilet Brush with Holder - The Golf Head toilet brush is shaped like a golf ball. The precise triangle design is appropriate for all toilet corners. The silicone golf brush head toilet brush can clean the entire surface of the toilet, including the water tank, toilet cover, and toilet circle, from 360° no dead angle cleaning. The ideal design may deep clean streams, drains, and backwater bends, among other things. There are no clean dead ends visible after a thorough cleaning of the toilet brush.

Quality Material - High-quality PP+TPR (Poly Propylene+Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material is used to make the golf head toilet brush. When compared to a standard toilet brush, the silicone golf head toilet brush is soft and moderate. The golf head toilet brush's soft silicone design is durable and non-shedding, and it can clean the toilet with confidence and simplicity.

Automatically Opens & Closes Anti-Drip - The golf brush head toilet brush with holder opens and closes automatically, keeping the area clean and sanitary. Please tilt it at an angle along the direction of the opening that is most convenient to take when taking it. The golf head toilet brush with holder built-in drip tray can catch extra water, the bathroom toilet brush waterproof base is drip-proof, maintain the toilet brush as dry and drain as feasible.

Two Ways to Use - There are two methods to utilize the silicone golf head toilet brush set. You can use hooks to hang it on the wall or place it directly on the ground, however, it is recommended that you use a hook to keep it from dropping.

The robust hook on the silicone toilet brush hooks does not need to be punched for installation, and it is sturdy and stable (It is recommended to install on a smooth wall, please remember to clean the wall before installation).

Best Shopping Experience - The most enjoyable shopping experience. Our innovative golf brush head toilet brush with holder has a curved arc that cleans your bathroom toilet from all sides.

Golf head toilet brush blxck norway™

Golf head toilet brush blxck norway™