Green laser level

The brilliant our green laser level unit is used in this 2/5-line Laser Level. The green laser level is four times brighter than the red laser level, and it is simpler to find under the same lighting circumstances. Finally, the green lines have a working distance of up to 100 feet and may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Class II safety level, 1mW power output
Because it is self-levelling, this instrument may be used on any flat surface that is within 4° of horizontal/vertical. Once the level is within 4 degrees, internal self-levelling takes control and a brilliant, high-accuracy horizontal and vertical line is projected exactly where you need it. If the laser is not within 4° of the level, it will blink as a warning. The pendulum is locked in manual mode, and it changes to manual mode to lock lines for usage at any angle.
One-button operation simplifies laser-level operation. Laser Level is the most useful and professional laser instrument for all professions, including drop ceiling installation, lighting fittings, photo frame alignment, wall tiling, floor tiling, and so on. You may effortlessly switch on/off any laser line by using a single button to manage these green laser lines.
TPR soft rubber entirely covers the laser tool, providing a nice touch and increased protection. IP54 water/dust resistance guarantees that you can operate in dangerous environments. The laser level was designed with a rechargeable battery to decrease environmental pollution. Type-C charging eliminates the need to change batteries.
The accompanying strong magnetic bracket allows it to be fastened to metal surfaces on the wall and revolve the laser level around 360°. It also fits ordinary tripods or pole mounts. When the pendulum is unlocked, the laser level will self-level within 4°. (otherwise, the laser will keep flashing). Lock the pendulum to enter manual mode and fulfil your alignment demands from various angles.
  • ✔️A high-accuracy horizontal and vertical line
  • ✔️Self-leveling & manual mode
  • ✔️Rechargeable battery
  • ✔️Strong magnetic bracket
  • ✔️ Cross-line layout
  • ✔️High visibility
  • ✔️4 times brighter light
  • ✔️Multiple installation methods
  • ✔️Durable design
  • ✔️Easy to operate
  • ✔️Package included:
  • 1x laser level, 1x storage bag,
  • 1x magnetic "l" base,
  • 1x type-c cable, 1x user manual.