Guitar tuner digital clip-on tone tuner blxcknorway™

Guitar Tuner Digital Clip-On Tone Tuner. Check The Details To Know More

Simple and Effective - This Multi Clip Tuner allows you to easily, rapidly, and precisely tune your string instrument. This chromatic tuner is ideal for a range of string instruments, including guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele.

Quick Assembly -This tuner's compact shape and clip-on function allow it to be mounted to the instrument's neck swiftly and effortlessly. The display can be rotated around 360 degrees for the best viewing angle.

Easy to Use - The great LCD-Display features a backlight. The indicator turns green if the tone is properly adjusted. In the dark stages, this is very important.

Suitable For Stage Use - Even in noisy surroundings, tuning is no trouble. The vibration frequency of the tones is used to determine how loud they are. This is far more precise than using a built-in microphone.

With Power Saving Function - The tuner's built-in power-saving function ensures that the battery lasts a long time. As a result, the tuner is always ready to use.

Package List -
✅ 1 * Clip-on Tuner
✅ 1 * User Manual