Handmade straw woven cat scratcher house

Its material is made of environmentally friendly natural straw and corn husk, this pet bed and straw mat designed to allow pets to come back to nature and release nature.
Dry straw skin absorbs moisture from the air and has good air permeability, not afraid of moisture, warmth while brings provide comfort and soothes them, soft and healthy for your pets
Great for sleep, capture, rest, play, suitable for multiple cats playing at the same time, this straw pet nest is not only a pet bed, but also is cat scratch board, four seasons universal
This straw pet bed is suitable for small animals, such as cats, puppies, chicken, rabbits, pigeons, soft pretty, warmth while brings provide comfort and soothes them, can help them happy and healthy growth

The cat scratcher is hand-woven from straw and corn husk, and there will be some scum after cats scratching, this is an inevitable natural attribute.

35cm is suitable for <3kg
40cm is suitable for <4kg
45cm is suitable for <6kg
50cm is suitable for <9kg