Saddle Baby Carrier BLXCK NORWAY™

Saddle Baby Carrier. Check The Details To Know More

Shoulder Seat For Toddlers - Toddlers in a shoulder saddle seat carrier are fascinated by the world around them, riding comfortably on daddy's shoulders on an anti-slip saddle seat with their small legs firmly tied at the ankles.

Clear Vision - Children will be able to see more than they can from their stroller or while walking on the ground!

Safety - Your child sits naturally on the seat, with his or her hips open, thighs supported, and legs secured to the parent's or caregiver's chest.

Comfortable - No more aching, sweaty backs or toddlers dangling from your shoulders. Our lightweight shoulder seat with ergonomic foam saddle promotes natural upright posture and weight distribution, making shoulder rides more comfortable.

Hands-Free Carrier - Both the child and the parent/caretaker have free hands to look at a map on their phone, push another child in a stroller, walk the dogs, and so on.