Rattan round serving trays with wooden handles blxck norway™

Rattan Round Serving Trays with Wooden Handles. Check The Details To Know More 

Hand Woven Rattan Tray - Made of handwoven natural rattan with a solid base and braided fibers that provide strength and durability for multi-purpose use. It cleans up simply with a damp towel.

With Handles - The tray has side handles for easier transport and serving. Food, fruit, coffee, tea, dessert, bread, cake, dinner, breakfast, parties bar tray, and so on can all be served on this tray.

Ideal for Home Decor - Make this season's elegant look with this classic tray for keeping all your decor items in your home. Classic in design, the gorgeous natural rattan color, offers a natural touch to any room.

Widely Used - decorative Center tray, tiny décor, perfect for any event, including coffee tables, dining rooms, families, kitchens, bread and coffee bars, office tea room tables, parties, dining rooms, living rooms, and so on.

Fantastic Present - This serving dish can be given as is, or you can fill it with various little gifts to make a great housewarming, birthday, or baby shower package! The ideal hostess or bridesmaid gift. This handmade rattan tray's practicality and utility will be appreciated by everybody.