Wood therapy cellulite massage tool blacknorway™

This wood therapy cellulite massager is an ideal way to massage the back area that is not easily accessible by hand. It is a great remedy to relieve muscle and stress while promoting blood circulation.


 This roller massager is made of 100% natural solid wood and has a durable nylon rope that connects the wooden beads. It is not easy to break and you can conveniently use it without any worries.

 The design of this massage is ergonomic and portableYou can fold the massager and can easily carry it while going out for travelling. You can use it any time at home or at the gym to relax the muscles.

It can also be used on various body parts such as the neck, waist, shoulders, thighs, etc. It also helps to remove cellulite and provides great relief from body pain. It is safe to use and provides a comfortable massage.