Hot Air Electric Space Heater & Hand Warmer

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Your Hands Getting Cold Use this Hand Warmer & Space Heater

PTC Ceramics - Square measure hot and open, heat and quick, and heat and comfy. PTC ceramics don't have any open flame, no ammonia, and square measure healthy and comfy to use.

High Thermal potency - Glorious PTC, tasking to age ammonia, long service life, speedy heating, high thermal potencyspeedy heating, and constant temperature heating, energy saving.

The current indoor air balance area warms the wind convection to accelerate the warmth output and quickly raises the indoor temperature, that is, {the heat|the heatth} is warm and comfy so the mother will rest assured that the heater, the winter bathtub essential whole thing.

This heater is tiny and lightweightstraightforward to maneuver and carry, ideal to be used reception or within the workplaceplace it on a table close to you or on the ground to heat your hands and feet once you work, browse or watch TV, etc

Safety: constitutional advanced safety optionscreating full use of the machine structure principle to come up with air convection, forming a revenant air result.

Hot Air Electric  Space Heater & Hand Warmer

Hot Air Electric Space Heater & Hand Warmer