Heavy duty furniture lifter transport tool blxck norway™

Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter Transport Tool. Check The Details To Know More

Ergonomics & Effortless Design - The furniture lifter tool's ergonomics and effortless design make it easier for your furniture to move on its own. You can lift and move large furniture and appliances without straining your back thanks to the ergonomic design.

Smart Mobile - Lift the furniture with one hand using your smartphone. No tools are required for assembly. Lift, move, adjust, and level household appliances and furniture with ease.

Multi-functional - Easily redesign and tidy the living room. Suitable for hardwood, laminate, and carpeted surfaces. Desks, mattresses, sofas, bookcases, pianos, refrigerators, and other heavy items can be moved at any moment. Furthermore, it will be an excellent cleaning companion.

Easy to Use - Place the lifter under the furniture and lift it up (you can raise the furniture to a height of 2 inches), then place four roller pads on the four corners. It can effortlessly move furniture or big objects and can handle a weight of 150 kg / 330 lbs.