High Pressure Water Saving Spray Rainfall Shower BLXCK NORWAY™

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Another Collection of Rainfall High-Pressure Water Spray Shower Head from Us. Check out the Details To Know More.


Key Processes - High temperature, corrosion resistance, and craftsmanship quality crystal diamond plating are among the five key procedures. Free rotation of 360 degrees The self-control component of taking a shower Powerful pressurization thanks to a turbofan incorporated into the compressor. Mix hot and cold water thoroughly to protect delicate skin. Easy to clean with no obstructions and a removable design A water stop button eliminates the need to continually regulate the temperature.

High-Pressure Shower Head - Micro-nozzle technology reduces the size and density of the outlet pores, improving the water flow and pressure. As the water exit is a stainless steel panel, the micro nozzle technology reduces outlet pores in order to increase the flow rate and pressure. While living in an apartment building, a high-pressure shower head will provide you with enough water and allow you to enjoy your bath for a long time.

Detachable & Easy-clean - To distinguish it from most other showerheads that are built-in, the circular shower panel is removable. The attachments are easy to clean to keep the water flowing smoothly. Our shower head is compatible with the most popular shower arms and shower accessories.

One-press Adjustment Function - Save water and enjoy a better shower experience with the simple one-button operation! Push the button on the showerhead to turn off the water. People with impairments, adults, toddlers, and newborns in particular.

Package Includes - Spray Shower Head ×1+ Punch-free Rackx1(7*7cm)

High Pressure Water Saving Spray Rainfall Shower BLXCK NORWAY™

High Pressure Water Saving Spray Rainfall Shower BLXCK NORWAY™