Wooden balance board for toddlers kids & adults blxck norway™

Wooden Balance Board for Toddlers Kids & Adults. Check The Details To Know More

Unlimited Ways to Play - Wobble Board is anything you envision it to be - a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cottage, a stepping stone, a lounge chair, a tunnel, a bridge, and so on - as a fancy open-ended toy that lets kids put their imaginations into reality.

Body Balancing Exercise - The Balance Board is meant to stimulate the vestibular system and improve body posture in toddlers. When children stand on the wobble board with a high center of gravity, their balance will be improved. It helps to establish a feeling of balance by supporting the muscles that are important for proper posture.

Suitable For Both Children & Adults - The board is a wooden toy that grows with your child and may also be used by adults. Stretch your back (as a sitting help) in yoga activities, to improve balance, or just for enjoyment to get in shape. On the wooden board, you can perform a variety of activities. Suitable for both the gym and the house.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Toy - High-quality natural wood and environmentally friendly lacquers make this an eco-friendly wooden toy. The outer layer of the wood has unique coloration, texture, grain, and mineral patterns, making each board unique. It's a fantastic educational toy for children aged 18 months and older.

Size & Weight - Measures 85 cm long, 30cm inches broad, 1.8cm thick, and stands 6 inches tall at its tallest point. This long-lasting Montessori furniture piece is a strong heirloom piece that will be utilized for many years of fun. It can safely carry up to 480 pounds, allowing guests to join in on the action.