2 Pcs premium ice cube trays

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2 Pcs Premium Ice Cube Trays. Check The Details To Know More


BPA-Free Ice Cube Tray - Silicone ice cube trays with lids made of food-grade silicone, baby food-grade silicone, and high-quality materials, the silicone ice cube trays may be used for both adult and baby food.

Our freezers silicon ice cube molds and brands are 100 percent guaranteed to provide clients with the greatest ice experience, so you can buy with confidence.

Easy Ice Release - Our covered ice trays are composed of soft silicone material for easy ice release. Silicone ice trays should be left in the refrigerator for a few hours to make it simpler to remove the ice, and the soft silicone material will not shatter after a long period of freezing. The stackable tiny form of the ice cube tray fits any home refrigerator or dormitory mini-fridge.

Stackable & Removable Cover - Our stackable silicone ice cube trays come with a lid to keep ice from absorbing other food air in the refrigerator. Rubber ice cube pans can also be stacked neatly in the refrigerator to save space and avoid becoming stuck. Keep it neat!

Easy to Clean - Our silicone ice mold stackable has a smooth silicone surface that makes cleaning a breeze. It is advised that the ice-making tray be washed and properly dried before use. In addition, our ice tray with a lid may be washed in the dishwasher. Convenience!

Quality Control - Cute silicone ice cube trays that stack. Safe ice cube pans can be used in the refrigerator and microwave oven at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 230°F. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

2 Pcs premium ice cube trays

2 Pcs premium ice cube trays