Heritage Retro Style Iron Wall Clock BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you a vintage or retro style lover? Do you wish to decorate your house with such kinds of stuff while making it more appealing and elegant? If yes, then we have come up with a great item that will enhance the overall appearance of your house and will take it to the next level. This Heritage Retro Style Iron Wall Clock has a very unique design and large Arabic numerals.
This is a double-sided wall clock and can be set up on any of the sides due to its visibility on both sides. It has roman numerals design and one can see the clock very clearly even from a far distance. The size of these numbers are perfect and one can easily read the time without any hassle or extra effort. It has a dimension of 12.12*7.5cm.
This awesome wall clock is made from Wrought iron material along with the baking process technique and can be used for quite a long period of time. It gives a retro or vintage style look and is the best option to hang it in your house, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office etc.  This antique-style clock is made of high-quality iron and is highly durable.
This is a very compact wall clock and is very easy to install without any tools or extra effort. It works quietly and gives you a smooth performance. This feature will ensure that no one gets disturbed due to the continuous ticking of the second hand and will give a quiet and calm environment. You can also gift this clock to your loved ones on their special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, Housewarming parties, thanksgiving, etc.