Mountain Bike Handlebar Extender blxck norway™

Mountain Bike Handlebar Extender. Check The Details To Know More

Handlebar Extender of High Quality - Carbon Fiber material turning process, stent surface anode color processing, corrosion-resistant. Bike Extender Bracket fits most bike handlebars, and maybe put on both normal (25.4mm) and oversize (31.8mm) handlebars; 25.4mm handlebars require the addition of a gasket (Please check the size carefully before purchasing).

Single clip fixed spacer design Locked firmly. Straps made of thick rubber The inside of the ring that mounts to your bars for a firm and solid grasp has gaskets that will not move and scratch your bars.

Spacer Design - The handlebar extender is efficiently prevented from slipping by two sets of spacers made of complete aluminum, which is anti-slip and shockproof. Unlike other rubber spacers, our aluminum spacers do not wear out or deform over time when used outdoors.

Lightweight & Robust -  Installation is simple. Quick Release - Using an Allen Key Wrench (included as a gift), the extension bracket may be quickly assembled and disassembled. Made of aluminum alloy, the extension bar weighs only 0.93 oz and the bracket weighs 0.97 oz (each). The handlebar extender bracket allows you to install bike lights, GPS, speedometer, or other equipment to an existing full handlebar.