Auto Retractable RFID Blocking Card Wallet BLXCK NORWAY™

Investing in a good quality wallet is always worth every penny. There are so many wallets available in the market but one should choose carefully what suits them best. In general, the most common problem that people face is losing their wallets. It can be very hard or impossible sometimes to get your wallet back that may have cards, money, etc. To avoid such problem, we have come up with this Auto-Retractable RFID Blocking Card Wallet that will track your wallet in case it is lost.


This outstanding wallet is made up of superior quality cowhide leather. It is completely handcrafted and does not contain any kind of odour. It is a highly durable wallet that will give you a luxurious feeling with its classy and authentic design. This small wallet is very light in weight and can hold more than 7 cards, with so many other pockets to keep your cash, coins, etc.

The size of this wallet is very perfect and can fit easily in your pocket. It does not look bulky and has very soft touch. It is an outstanding combination of style and security as it has an inbuilt RFID blocking technology( integrated aluminium case) that will protect your cards from unwanted wireless communication.  It also has a small lever in the side and upon sliding it, the card automatically pops out so that you can have easy access without any hassle.
You can conveniently keep this wallet either in your front pocket or back pocket without any hassle. This advanced technology wallet has an inbuilt GPS online tracking and Bluetooth pairing feature that can track your wallet without any trouble. It also has a light and ringing feature that will help you to find the wallet in case you misplaced it. Gifting this wallet to your loved ones and can bring a wide smile to their face and is the perfect option for special occasions such as anniversaries, father’s day, etc.