Ice cube tray bag blxcknorway™

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Ice Cube Tray Bag. Check The Details To Know More

Serve Without Touching Ice - With this ice tray, you won't have to contact the ice with your hands, even when serving, and it won't absorb odors from the freezer or fridge.

Easy Cleaning - Take the ice cube mold apart to make cleaning easier. These freezer ice trays with lids are designed to be simply cleaned in the dishwasher.

Innovative & Revolutionary Design - Our freezer ice trays are simple to use. Fill it like a water bottle, place it in the refrigerator, break the ice, remove the lid, pull the straps, and serve the ice with ease. With freezer trays, there's a new way to make ice.

Stackable in the Freezer - Our ice cube trays for the freezer are designed to stack. You'll never run out of ice cubes for your drinks, coffee, or whiskey if you buy a couple of these ice cube trays.

Take It Everywhere! - Take it with you wherever you go! On-demand access to clean, fresh ice cubes. Melting is kept to a minimum with this ice cube tray with a storage bin. Picnics, outings, and road vacations are all made easier with this bag.

It's also ideal for RVing and camping. You can also use this covered ice cube tray while chilling out on the terrace or in your garden.

Ice cube tray bag blxcknorway™

Ice cube tray bag blxcknorway™