Reusable gel cold hot pack compression therapy wrap ice bag blacknorway™

We have come up with this reusable compression therapy ice pack that provides instant relief  from muscle pains, swelling, back pain, post-surgery, etc. You can use this ice pack on your lower back, abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.

This ice pack wrap is made with a latex-free PVC cover and has a soft plush backing that is filled with gel beads in a pouch. It is completely leak-proof and provides great comfort.


This ice pack comes with a long velcro strap that provides perfect fit while used on your targeted body area. You can easily move around and do your regular household work as it will not move and stays in place.

It has a perfect shape that provides large coverage to your back or other body parts. If you are having a sore back, swelling injuries, etc then this ice pack is a great therapy for all your problems.

This is a multifunctional ice pack that provides both, hot and cold therapy. It helps to relax your body and is a must-have product for every home. Get yours now for an instant pain relief.