Electric soldering iron repair tool blxck norway™

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Electric Soldering Iron Repair Tool. Check The Details To Know More 

Safe - The soldering iron is UL and CU listed and features the industry-leading Weller closed-loop technology of limiting maximum tip temperature to safeguard you and your workspace from overheating.

Temperature - Three separate tips regulate the soldering iron's temperature: 600 degrees Fahrenheit, 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and 800 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that you can complete any project.

Efficient - With its nichrome coiled heating element, the normal heat up time for the 700 degree Fahrenheit tip is only 110 seconds, allowing you to get more work done in less time.

1. International three-pin plug - It is preferred to international three plugs to prevent leakage, short circuit, anti-static, and ensure safe use of electricity;
2. Power indicator - Power on, bright, safe, practical, and convenient;
3. High temperature resistant insulated handle - High-temperature resistance, comfortable hand, anti-fatigue, non-slip handle;
4. Power cord cover - Soft, insulated, effective protection, the end of the cable is not broken;
5. Stainless steel casing - Prevent the aging of consumables and prolong the service life due to high-temperature work;
6. Pure copper tip - Anti-oxidation, good tin effect, and long service life.

Portable - Because the soldering iron is a portable line voltage iron, there is no need for a base, giving you greater flexibility.

Electric soldering iron repair tool blxck norway™

Electric soldering iron repair tool blxck norway™