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Inflatable Comfy Pregnancy Mattress. Check The Details To Know More

Pregnant Women's Best Pregnancy Body Pillow The Cozy Bump is a pregnancy pillow that expectant mothers use to sleep on their stomachs.

Relieves Back Pain - Cozy Bump can be one of the best Pregnancy Gifts For Women because the decline in the leg portion helps to decompress the lower back.

Pregnancy Sleeping - Cozy Bump is the ideal pregnancy pillow and maternity pillow since it is constructed of 100% cotton and is comfy for a better night's sleep during your pregnancy.

Helps Reduce C-Sections & Painful Labor - Research Shows That Laying On The Belly With Raised Hips & Lowered Legs Can Help Reduce C-Sections & Painful Labor. Assists in getting the baby into the best position for birth (Head Down) Because it is a stomach sleeping pillow, the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Body Pillow assists the mother in maintaining that position.

Prone Pregnancy Pillow - Lying on your stomach allows your lungs to expand and take in more air, which is beneficial to your health. More air in the lungs aids in the battle against illness. As a result, this is the most commonly used pregnant cushion.