Interactive IQ treat ball smarter pet toys blacknorway™

Do you want to train your dog using smart technology? If yes, then these interactive Interactive IQ Treat Ball Smarter Pet Toys are the perfect option for you. It helps to increase the IQ of your heads with its unique design.

It is made from superior quality food-grade ABS material and has great durability. It is quite sturdy and completely safe for your beloved pet. It is ideal for both, small-sized and medium-sized dogs, cats, etc.

This toy is like a puzzle for your pets that they can enjoy while playing. It helps to reduce their destructive behaviourand also maintain their physical alertness. It is super easy to clean as you can disassemble it easily.


You can put your dog’s favourite snacks or treats inside this toy wall. Play and get some prices while rolling the ball. It also helps to reduce the boredom of your furry friend. It will make your pet smarter as they will learn the new ways to get the snacks out from the ball.