360 Flexible Sprinkler

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Sprinkler for Your Lawn, Garden. Can be Used for Irrigation as Well.

Water-Saving Uniformity - 12 sprinklers spray lawn herbs at various angles, totaling 36 water outlets, 360-degree spray, for a more even and effective spray. By regulating the density and scope of the water, the patented water-saving device design may save water to the maximum degree possible.

Simple to Use - Simply connect the water pipe connector to the nipple connection point and then insert it into the ground; the lawn sprinkler will not move or tip. Alternatively, simply enter the hose from the spray head's bottom and place it on your own tripod base.

Do Anything You Want - The fun of making beautiful patterns may be applied to any form or pattern you can think of while saving money and water. Simply bend the nozzle to customize different watering ways to fit your garden's watering needs as the plants grow.

Wide Range - Sprinkler watering of flower beds, side yards, lawns, terraces, courtyards, vegetables, gardens, plants, and grasses is possible with this product. It's critical that it arrives at your factory!

Reminder - Because of its plasticity, the water spray hose does not tolerate high water pressure. As a result, this sprinkler's effect on a little lawn or garden will be better.

360 Flexible Sprinkler

360 Flexible Sprinkler