8-in-1 professional DSLR & mirrorless camera sensor cleaning kit blacknorway™

Are you looking for a cleaning kit for your DSLR camera? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have come up with this 8-in-1 professional camera cleaning kit that allows you to clean even the hard to reach corners.

This kit includes all the tools that you need to clean your camera. It is an ideal option while going for a vacation or travelling. It also has vacuum packed clothes that are made of high-quality microfibre.

The silicon blower is very light in weight and stretchable. It has an ergonomic design that provides power and precision. Just squeezing the blower gently will give you a very powerful blow that will remove all the dust and tiny particles.

It also includes a cleaning bottle of 15 ML that has a cleaning solution. It is absolutely safe to use on your camera as it does not have any chemicals and will not deteriorate the coated glass. It is perfect to clean the fingerprints, dirt, grease, etc.

This cleaning kit is an ideal option for a beginner or a professional. It’s lens cleaning pen also helps to absorb all the oil stains, fingerprints, dirt, etc on your lens by activating the carbon terminal.

You can easily carry this kit while going out as it comes with a storage bag. Get yours now and clean your camera to capture remarkable pictures.