partly gatling bubble gun toys

Do you want to surprise your kids by giving them a fun and creative toy? If yes then this partly Gatling bubble gun toys is the perfect choice to give as a gift that will make them smile wide.
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This cool bubble gun has eight holes that can blow out so many bubbles at a time. This toy is completely safe for kids and is made up of ABS plastic of superior quality. It is highly durable and does not have any sharp ends to keep your child safe from injury.

It has a leak-proof design and it is very convenient to use. All you need to do is immerse dip your gun in bubble water and press the switch of the gun. The colourful bubbles will bring fun and excitement to your child.

Along with the colourful bubbles, it will also play music to bring some fun while blowing out the bubbles. It also has a fan mode where blades are made up of a soft sponge to ensure that the child does not get hurt.