UFO Balls With Led Light BLXCK NORWAY™

Throw a disc flying saucer and grab a ball! Check The Details To Know More

Cool Light Effect - Children will enjoy playing with the magic disc ball at night, and it will improve their interaction skills.

Promote Bone Development Through Reaction Training -
✅ Toss a flying saucer disc and grab a ball!
✅ Catch a ball and throw a disc. Simply squeeze the ball to set the timer, then toss it like a disc. At any time, the disc will revert to a ball!
✅ Quick recuperation. In a matter of seconds, the spherical shape can be restored.

Transform A Catch Game - Add an entertaining edge to backyard games by adding time-delay action to the ball. A 9-inch disc may be thrown and caught as a 6-inch ball!

Easy To Carry - Press the ball into a disc and carry it in your backpack without taking up too much room.

Playing Instructions -
✅ Who gets the ball rebounded, who loses? Flatten the ball and pass one by one.
✅ Two children throw the ball in the manner of a disc, throw out upon returning to the ball, and lose.

Please Following Instructions -
✅ Do not take a step to the side!
✅ Do not use two feet to tread on!
✅ With your forefoot, gently walk on the yellow spot!
✅ Children can also press using both hands!

Excellent Quality Detail Comparison - Upgrade Mold, Thickened Connection/Smooth Wave-Shaped Design, Strong Elasticity/Smooth Safe Material/Upgrade Mold, Thickened Connection/Smooth Wave-Shaped Design

Unique Sports Toys - Squeeze the ball to start the timer, then toss it like a disc. At any time, the disc will revert to a ball!

Package Includes - 1 Deformed Flying UFO Ball