Adjustable stainless steel lids jar opener blxck norway™

Adjustable Stainless Steel Lids Jar Opener. Check The Details To Know More

This jar opener is composed of high-quality PP and stainless steel, and it's strong and long-lasting. It won't distort or rust, and it'll last a long time.

Easy to open the jar, replacing the old method with a gear design that allows the jar to be opened in a matter of seconds, saving labour and time.

It fits jar caps with a diameter of 0.98-3.93 inches and allows you to vary the distance between the openers to fit different lid sizes.

Simple to use, simply open the jar opener to its maximum position, set the spacing, hold the handle counter-clockwise rotation of the lid, and the lid will open, making it easy to use for the elderly and arthritic patients.