Safe cut can opener blxck norway™

Safe Cut Can Opener. Check The Details To Know More

Smooth & Safe Edge Cut - Can opener slices the can lid efficiently from the side in a smooth, clean manner without leaving jagged sharp edges, smooth and no sharp edge cover, protect and ensure your fingers are safe. Can openers be safe to use by yourself and even your children.

High Quality - The can opener is composed of a food-safe stainless steel blade and is exceptionally durable and sturdy. ensure that the can opener does not rust or break over time

Portable & Lightweight - This opener is the perfect size for traveling or camping, and it can open all types of round and oval cans. With the hole on the handle, you can hang or store the can opener. The compact and smart design makes the can opener a perfect fit for your kitchen drawers and cabinet.

Easy To Clean & Healthy - Can opener with a revolutionary design that cuts the lid in sideways, making it easy to clean and healthy. The cutting blade will not come into contact with the food, and the lid will not fall into the meal, keeping the food clean. To clean the can opener, simply rinse it under running water.