Kitchen cleaning brush blxcknorway™

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Kitchen Cleaning Brush. Check The Details To Know More

Durable & Long Lasting - Sturdy body construction, non-scratch, and odorless nylon bristles effortlessly scrape away oil and filth, and they're safe to use on non-stick cookware.

Easy To Use - To open it, turn the upper section anti-clockwise, inject soap into the body, and then lock it clockwise. With a light push of the top button, it will squirt soap. It's simple to remove and replace the brush head.

Comfortable Grip - The curved shape fits well in your palm, and the TPR material is non-slip even when wet and soapy, so you don't have to exert much force. Filling the body with your favorite dish soap is simple.

Replaceable Brush Head - A new brush head for the palm brush is simple to change. Brush refills are available separately.

Non-Skid Holder - This holder has a non-skid tray that collects water spills and keeps the countertop dry. Simply place the brush head into the tray tip for storage after cleaning.


Kitchen cleaning brush blxcknorway™

Kitchen cleaning brush blxcknorway™