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Drain Cleaner Sticks. Check The Details To Know More

New Drain Sticks with Improved Powerful Enzyme - New drain sticks gently release a powerful enzyme into the drain, preventing future clogs and successfully eliminating odours. Drain Sticks' powerful enzymes can break down grease, fats, oils, soap scum, and food to keep the sink clean while also removing embarrassing odours from drains. Use Drain Sticks all year to keep your drains clean and odour-free. Plumbers and drain snakes are expensive.

Flexible and Effective - The upgraded drain sticks are flexible and non-fragile, which means they won't break during shipment. They must be long enough to remain in the U-shape pipe without being washed away. The enzyme cleansing action can keep your drains free-flowing by breaking down organic deposits and grease buildup.

Suitable For All Drain Pipes - Drain sticks for blockages and odours can be used in both plastic and metal drain pipes, and are completely safe for use in the home kitchen, vanity, bathtub, shower, and wash basin, and toilet bowl sewer drainage outlet. It's also completely safe for septic tanks.

Safe, Non-Toxic, and Easy to Use - The drain sticks are unstained and undyed, making them a healthy household product. There's no need to worry about them harming your health. The drain sticks have passed the SDS test and are therefore safe to use at home.

Drain sticks come in a size that fits most drains, so you can just drop one piece in each drain once a month and not worry about anything else. Drain sticks, on the other hand, can clean drains automatically, saving you money and time.