Manual garlic press crusher blacknorway™

Using advanced kitchen tools can make your work so much easier and quicker. There are so many tasks in the kitchen that are time-consuming and one amongst them is the peeling and chopping of garlic,a key ingredient that that can make your dish more delicious.
To make your work easy and fast, we have come up with this amazing Manual garlic press crusher that is made from superior quality food-grade material. It can extract the garlic paste from the cloves pretty quickly, in a few seconds.
The design of this garlic crusher is quite ergonomic and practical. It provides quick results without putting too much effort into your hands. It is an ideal kitchen tool for home kitchens or professional restaurants.
Peeling and chopping garlic with your hands can leave a strong smell and using this crusher will prevent that. It provides you with a smooth garlic paste in a single move and is super easy to clean. All you need to do is wash the crusher with your dishwasher and water. You can also use this tool for crushing ginger, onion, etc.