Bluetooth ANT Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you a fitness lover and likes to track your heart rate while doing all sorts of cardio exercises? If yes then this Bluetooth ANT Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap is a perfect choice for you. You can now achieve all your fitness goals with the help of this heart rate tracker. It helps to transmit the information by using Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ while providing you with accurate data.


This heart rate monitor consists of Dual Technology in addition to Bluetooth. It is very comfortable to wear this strap and you can easily adjust it as per your requirements. The material is super soft and you can also remove the heart rate module without any hassle. The design of this strap is very ergonomic and it is very light in weight.

These are powered by batteries with a life of around 3.5 years. It is 100% water resistant and can be easily washed just by removing the module. This device helps to track your heart rate when you do exercise or any activities related to fitness. Built-in ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 allows the heart rate sensor to connect with a GPS watch, IOS or Android operating system.
The seamless strap does not cause any rash as the material is very soft and adapts to the body amazingly. It consists of a hook mechanism so that the transmiiter can be put on and off in no time and without any hassle. It is widely compatible with so many fitness apps. This is a perfect device to use while you are doing cycling, HIIT workout, sunning, skipping, hiking, and many more.