Jump Rope Digital Counter for Indoor/Outdoor Fitness BLXCK NORWAY™

Staying fit and healthy nowadays is very important for our well beings. There are so many cardio exercises that one can perform in their free time like walking, jumping, running etc. One of the most fun and interesting exercise amongst them is skipping. There is a wide range of variations that one can practice to make it more fun. If you are searching for great skipping rope, this Jump Rope Digital Counter for Indoor/Outdoor Fitness is the most ideal option for you.

The design of this jumping rope is very ergonomic and classy. It also has a backlit LCD screen on one of its handles. The main purpose of this screen is to show you the total amount of calories that you are consuming, the number of jumps that you will make, and much more information. This advanced skipping rope is highly advantageous as it gives you all the calorie-burning benefits that are needed by your body.

The handles of this rope are Anti-slip so that you can get a strong grip while doing your workout. Ding skipping regularly will help you to burn a lot of calories. This skipping rope comes with a weighted handle and works effectively on all your muscles and body workouts. It also works on your leg, core, arms heartbeat, etc. This helps to give you a great jumping experience without any twisting or damage. It is made up of PVC material that will last much longer.
This Jump Rope Digital Counter for Indoor/Outdoor Fitness can be extended to 3 meters and also gets shortened if needed with the seconds. You can easily modify the length and store this jumping rope in a carrying case. It is very compact and takes minimum space to store. It can also be used by children and teenagers as they can change the length conveniently as per their height.