3D Large LED Digital Wall Clock BLXCK NORWAY™

Feeling Bored with This Routine Clock?? Use This Digital Wall Clock Which will be Apt For Your Wall

Big Numbers with LED Lights in Pure White - 6” numbers are readable and identifiable from a distance of 164 feet. Unlike comparable goods, this wall clock uses 142 pure white LEDs rather than warm lights (yellow). As a result, you can see the time from every room in your house and have a great viewing experience with this clock.

8-level Adjustable Brightness and Auto Dimmer, Increased Refresh Rate - The clock has an 8-level adjustable brightness control, which allows you to manually change the clock's brightness to meet your needs. The clock is bright enough to read during the day, but you don't have to worry about it disturbing your sleep at night. When the auto dimmer is turned on, the clock adjusts its brightness to match the ambient light, and the lowest brightness LED clock can be used as a nightlight. The wall clock's sequential and countdown timer functions make it very easy to see inside. To begin the countdown, press one button. Despite the fact that the led clock only has four numbers, it provides a countdown of days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Simple and Modern Design Clock - Design that is both simple and modern Clock: Because 3D numbers are so plain and obvious, no other frame has an impact on the viewing experience. You can choose between a 12/24 hour display mode and can switch to it with just one button on the remote. You can get very graphic information regardless of the time, calendar, or thermometer. Because the wall clock has a simple design, it may be placed in any location, such as an airport, a bedroom, a living room, or a kitchen.

Power Saving - Although the digital clock has 142 LEDs, it uses very little power; it runs on AC power, which eliminates the need for AAA batteries and helps to safeguard the environment. A 3m USB cable can connect a variety of power sources, including an adapter, a laptop, a PC, and a power bank (however a power bank can only operate the clock for 1 hour, therefore we don't recommend it).