Layers drying net for herbs hanging basket blxck norway™

Layers Drying Net for Herbs Hanging Basket. Check The Details To Know More


6-Tier Herb Drying Rack - The drying mesh can be used to dry herbs, hydroponic plants, nuts, seeds, flowers, vegetables, fish, and clothing such as socks, bras, underwear, gloves, scarves, and baby clothes, among other things. This bud drying hanger saves a lot of space by having 6 trays for drying different things individually without making a mess.

High Quality - The plant drying net is made of a robust polyester mesh and a high-density material that will not readily break in the sun. The durable mesh and built-in strong steel provide ample support to load a big number of goods.

Faster Drying - The foldable herb drying net is made of breathable all-mesh, with six layers and a height of 7.8 inches. It allows for appropriate airflow between trays and good ventilation, allowing things to dry more quickly and evenly.

Easy to Setup & Zipper Design - The folding plant drying rack is stored in a small carry bag; when opening it, be cautious of the force. Each layer has an easy-to-open and close zipper that protects the herb from the wind, birds, and dust.

Must-Have Gardening Tools - Herb hanging mesh foldable dry rack with many tiers drying screens for air-drying your weed, flower, and herbal plants. This is a fantastic addition to your hydroponics garden equipment and herbal tool accessories.

What You Get - A folding 6-layer drying mesh rack, pruning shears for trimming, gardening gloves, a storage bag, and a hook to hang the herbal drying rack anyplace. Herb drying hangers are a great addition to your gardening tools.